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Unlikely Suspects: Predators in Disguise

One year ago, Daniel A. Woolverton, 35, was known as a father, a husband, a U.S. Army Lawyer, and a West Point Graduate.  Today, he is known among his neighbors, peers and kin as a pedophile, receiving a 37-year sentence for forcible sodomy with an infant.  When the FBI executed a search warrant, they uncovered …

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Protect Your Kids, Whether from Ph.D., Pauper or Priest

As the Catholic Church abuse crisis has entered a new international phase, it is clear that the church’s response has been, in the words of Ireland’s top Catholic cardinal, “hopelessly inadequate”.  In one case, a priest was convicted of abusing three boys and yet was allowed to resume work in the church and with children, …

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The Threat is Real

Earlier this month, many of us read the story about how two determined parents posed as their daughter, Sarah, on social networking site Facebook to track down Internet predator, Thomas Gibbs, 52, who was attempting to arrange an offline hookup with the 11 year-old.  Gibbs, who is married with two kids of his own, was posing …

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