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What is Morally Wrong Cannot be Politically Correct

Abe Lincoln said it best, “What is morally wrong cannot be politically correct.”  Yet the exponential pornification of our culture is contributing both directly and indirectly to the epidemic of child sexual abuse, and unfortunately, certain segments of our government are turning a blind eye. The U.S. spends trillions in military engagements overseas to prevent, …

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New Film by David Schwimmer Highlights that No Child Is Immune to Online Dangers

If you’re like me, you know David Schwimmer best for his role as the lovable paleontologist Ross in the hit NBC sitcom “Friends”.  Suffice it to say, I was a bit surprised when we were approached about a new film, Directed by Schwimmer called “Trust”.  The film is no comedy.  Instead,  “Trust” documents the raw …

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