Protecting Your Child Against Cyberstalkers


 The idea of stalking is something no parent wants to consider, but something all parents should monitor. Cyberstalking is a malicious act used to harass, threaten, or follow a single individual online. Some gain access through vulnerable devices, Internet activity, or accounts; most stalkers seek to blackmail victims and exploit them for their personal information. This blackmail can include passwords, private pictures, and other sensitive data that could be used to commit identity theft. Although some may threaten to sell or leak the information, others may claim to inflict harm if you don’t follow their demands. Therefore, when it comes to protecting your children against cyberstalkers, your best defense is education. Speaking with your children about the dangers of sharing their personal information online, in-person, and through apps is the best way to cover the basics. Having this discussion regularly allows you to stay aware of your child’s online interactions and device security. For more information about identify theft and keeping your child safe online, click here.


Cyberstalking infographic

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