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Rape Lay: When online games go too far

In an earlier post, I talked about how a key concern over the popularity of video games is that so much of the content is hypersexualized, and that pornography is often embedded in games (such as Grand Theft Auto).  Unfortunately, some games shatter the line of appropriateness, such as the Japanese game Rape Lay that …

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Pornography and Gaming: The New “Twofer”

Everyone loves a good deal.  Just last week, I was trying to do a better job of sticking to my grocery list while in Whole Foods when I passed one of the store’s lovely sample stations—this one offered chips and dip.  The dip was good, but I wasn’t planning on adding it to my cart …

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Not Just Fun and Games

When I was growing up in an urban setting in St. Louis, I spent my afternoons exploring the alleys behind our home and crossing vast concrete expanses on my “horse”—a banana-seat Schwinn.  On the weekends, my dad would take me to Forest Park and, in the summertime, I was privileged to spend time fishing, biking …

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