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Pornography, Trafficking and Prostitution: Connections are Clear

As we continue to reflect on White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week , we have included testimony from a briefing with Congressional staff examining what Congress can to do enforce existing obscenity laws.  During that briefing, Enough Is Enough President Donna Rice Hughes explained that kids have free and easy access to hardcore obscenity via …

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Facebook, Foursquare and Geolocation, OH MY!

Reports out today suggest that Facebook may have partnered with Localeze, a local search provider that provides Twitter’s “places” directory, to debut a new geolocation “check-in” feature in the next couple of weeks. Geolocation (in brief): Geolocation provides the real-world geographic location of an object (like a cell phone or other Internet-connected device).  So a program …

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Drugs, Kids and the Virtual World

When I was in high school, I didn’t do drugs, but some of my peers certainly did.  They took their cues from older siblings and friends who passed along their “insights” about rolling a joint and making Jello shots.   Of course, some kids drank a lot, and some kids smoked a lot, but I only …

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The Drug of the New Millennium

Researchers had to get creative when confronted with sexually inactive panda bears who refused to mate. So they tried a new drug. They showed the lazy male pandas a porn video of other pandas having sex.  And so far, the tactics have proven to boost male panda’s sex drive.  The male pandas have started to …

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Tethered to Tech

It’s hard to imagine life today without technology.  My blackberry wakes me up in the morning.  It tells me what the temperature is outside.  It guides me when I’m lost, makes sure I know what my friends are up to, and alerts me of the latest news.  It’s been a constant fixture on my desk …

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Parents Beware: New Reality Show Exploits Girls

Another new reality show is launching this week, and parents should beware. “The Hottest Girl in America” series is yet another sexually exploitative show that entices teenage girls and young women to bare all and behave provocatively in order to be featured on the show and potentially win the show’s title role.  This show, in …

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Relationships 3.0?

Once a year for the past five years, my mom’s four sisters descend upon Washington D.C.  In between the laughing, eating and drinking, conversation has increasingly turned towards the impact of technology on our culture and, in particular, their kids.  This weekend, these moms shared a fear I hear constantly when on the road: they …

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Lessons from the Tragic Brian Betts Murder Case

Last month the body of 42-year-old Brian Betts was found slain, inside his home in Silver Spring, MD.  Betts was a well-loved Principal at Shaw Middle School, in Washington, D.C., respected by both his colleagues and students.  Unfortunately, this man who exhibited consistent leadership and thoughtfulness with his school community had a lapse in judgment …

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Unhealthy Groups and Peer Pressure Online

In conversations with counselors in our Northern Virginia area, they have told me that they are seeing increased numbers of children coming into their offices struggling with eating disorders, self-mutilation and bullying.  In the online world, peer pressure relating to these unhealthy behaviors can come from around the world. Although teens can join online groups …

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Protect Your Kids, Whether from Ph.D., Pauper or Priest

As the Catholic Church abuse crisis has entered a new international phase, it is clear that the church’s response has been, in the words of Ireland’s top Catholic cardinal, “hopelessly inadequate”.  In one case, a priest was convicted of abusing three boys and yet was allowed to resume work in the church and with children, …

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