How Yoga Teachings Can Combat Cyberbullying

From Guest Contributor Hilary Smith

Bullying has always been a serious problem affecting kids and teens at school or on the street. But in today’s world, when this social phenomenon has evolved into a new form commonly referred to as cyberbullying, it’s getting even more dangerous and difficult to control. It’s hard to believe, but 1 in 3 young people are now victims of cyber threats. It used to be relatively easy to detect the source of bullying and put a stop on it when the bullying was offline, but today’s realities call for new and improved measures.

So what can we possibly do to combat cyberbullying and save its victims from emotional despair and shame? According to recent studies, the answer is rather simple. It’s been scientifically proved that regular yoga practice can improve the situation with cyberbullying in a long run. Sounds too good to be true? Let me explain how it is supposed to work in more detail.

Yoga picture from blog contributer Hillarry

It Deals With the Root Cause of the Problem

 According to psychologists, bullying occurs as a result of psychological instability and lack of emotional intelligence. If a person is balanced and happy, it’s very unlikely that he or she will decide to hurt one’s feelings by spreading gossips and assault one’s dignity. At the same time, when a person suffers from a lack of self-confidence, support, and understanding of family and friends, chances are good he or she will start bullying someone around. I’m obviously going to extremes when explaining how it works, but it’s only for the sake of simplicity.

It Triggers Soul-Searching

 Yoga is meant to improve both physical and mental health of those who practice it regularly. But apart from these obvious benefits, there is also a positive side effect most people don’t talk about. Regular practice of yoga triggers soul-searching and makes people change their point of view on virtually all aspects of their lives. People start thinking of possible consequences of their deeds, and it prevents them from doing something that is obviously wrong.

 It Teaches People Empathy

 It is not a breaking news that yoga is beneficial for both your body and soul. And while the physical outcomes are usually obvious, things are slightly different when it comes to what yoga makes to our souls. It is believed that yoga practice improves our ability to feel other people’s pain. And it goes without saying that empathy is not a typical character trait of those who practice bullying towards people around.

It Can Help the Victims of Cyberbullying Too

 What makes yoga a good remedy to cyberbullying is that it works for both the victim and the aggressor. Those who’ve been suffering from cyberbullying at least once in their lives know for sure how hurtful and emotionally-destroying it can be to be the victim of one’s brutality. And since one of yoga’s major missions is to bring people a peace of mind, it becomes clear how helpful it can be for the victims.

Yoga picture from blog contributer Hillarry2

Yoga Helps, But Where Should I Start?

 While it’s obviously better to attend professional yoga classes and learn the basics with an experienced yoga instructor, you can start with a simple asanas that don’t require any previous physical training or special knowledge. No matter if you’re a victim of cyberbullying or someone who want’s to put a stop on bullying people around, don’t hesitate to start with basic yoga positions and keep your practice regular to see the result faster.





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