Parenting for Online Safety: How Do I Know if My Kid is Telling the Truth?

Friend and former staffer with Enough Is Enough, Cris Clapp Logan, had a thought-provoking blog about learning when to trust your kids.

Far too often, the parents that I talk with are worried about upsetting their kids and invading their privacy, but it’s up to you as their parents to do everything in your power to protect them-from dangers inside the home, outside the home and those they can access in the palm of their hand.  This doesn’t mean you should always suspect the worst or act like the secret police around your children, but it does mean watching out for warning signs, teachable moments, using parental controls and digging a little deeper in conversation when appropriate.

To continue reading Cris’ full article on how to build a more trustworthy relationship with your kids please click here.

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