Our national sponser, Google, has “A Few Easy Tools the Whole Family Will Love”

Google, one of our valued national sponsors has released the following blog, “A Few Easy Tools the Whole Family will Love.” EIE was instrumental in working with Google to get their safe  search features implemented and providing parents the important password  protected  “Lock Safe Search” feature. Check it out.
Excerpted from Google Blog Post
“Summer  is here, and with kids out of school it is a great time for families to explore  the web together—from learning what makes fireflies glow to playing online games  together. But while there is a lot of entertaining, educational content online,  there are also materials I’d rather not see when I’m surfing the web with my  family. Google has built a number of tools that parents can use to help keep  content they would rather not see from popping up on the family computer. It  takes less than five minutes to turn them on, so follow the steps below to help  make your search results more family-friendly this summer.” Click the link here to Google’s complete Blog Post for important details on the below safety steps.
1. Turn on SafeSearch in Google  Search
2. Save and lock your preferences
3. Turn on YouTube Safety Mode 

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