Rape Lay: When online games go too far

A Rape Lay victim trying to hold her dress down before the gamer takes off her skirt.

In an earlier post, I talked about how a key concern over the popularity of video games is that so much of the content is hypersexualized, and that pornography is often embedded in games (such as Grand Theft Auto).  Unfortunately, some games shatter the line of appropriateness, such as the Japanese game Rape Lay that has been picking up media buzz (e.g. yesterday’s story on CNN).

The Rape Lay game player is essentially a sex maniac who spends his time molesting women and girls on trains and other public spaces.  As one review explained, after an unsuccessful molesting attempt, the protagonist gets arrested, leading the player to seek revenge.  The player then stalks and rapes the girl who had him arrested, as well as her mother, her sister and any other women in the game that might strike his fancy.

The player can choose which body parts he wants to touch, what clothing he wants to remove, and after completing the story mode of the game, the rapist—er, I mean “game player”—can rape the girls.  The location of the rape depends on which character you are focusing on (for example, you can rape one of the young girl characters in her bedroom, while her stuffed animals watch).  There is also a “movie-making” mode, which makes it possible to create movies by combining different sexual techniques.

To top it off, the player can actually impregnate the girls.  If this happens, the player needs to force the girl to get an abortion, or the girl can commit suicide.  If the girl won’t get an abortion, she will push the player in front of a train, and the player dies.  If she does get an abortion, then the player wins and can keep on raping women forever.

In case you missed it:

stalking + sexual assault + abuse + molestation + rape + abortion = VICTORY

Does this game sound fun???!!!

This is disgusting.  While there are (sadly) many games that exist for the sole purpose of simulating sex, much of that content—while degrading, experimental, unrealistic and voyeuristic—is depicting mostly consensual sex.  While it is awful enough that children have access to these simulated sex games, the harmful messages are much worse when they involve rape.  This game tells young minds that you are a winner if you stalk, rape and grope women. I can’t think of a more harmful sexual message for today’s girls and boys.

So, why am I telling you this?

  1. Rape is a crime. Just in case you missed it, rape is not about sex, it is about power and abuse.  Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.  It is not sexy, and it is NEVER OK. No matter who is committing this crime, whether a date, an acquaintance, a family member or a stranger.  No matter how it happened, it is frightening, traumatizing, and people who have been raped need care and healing.
  2. Parents need to use monitoring and filtering software. While this game has been on the market for some time, it is picking up a lot of media buzz and people, especially kids, are curious.  Your children may come across some of this content, and it is powerful and it is harmful, which is why you need to use filtering and monitoring software and be involved in your children’s lives. (See our list of filtering and monitoring software and our Rules ‘N Tools®)
  3. Cartoon porn and rape videos exist, and your children may see them. This game is not unique—Japanese Hentai is popular and profuse online.  This is essentially cartoon porn.  Hentai rape fantasy videos abound online, as do other forms of cartoon pornography (Disney porn, Barbie and Ken porn, Simpson porn, etc.).  Your child could Google one of their favorite Disney characters and come across bestiality.  I should say, the videos spare no detail—cartoon porn is incredibly graphic.  Once again, utilizing parental controls, filtering and monitoring software is crucial to prevent unintentional (and some intentional) access to this content.
  4. You need to be involved. Kids learn from and imitate what they see, and pornography, media and harmful games are sending powerful mis-education messages to our children.  Your children need your advice and guidance when it comes to healthy sexuality.  You need to educate your children about preventing and reporting sexual abuse as well.  Educate your children about what is OK and what is not.  For younger children, Darkness2Light has great resources for parents about preventing sexual abuse.  Talk to your kids about date rape.  Talk to your boys about respecting and caring for their female friends.

For more information about rape prevention or to get help, please visit RAINN.


  1. I am mortified reading this. Thank you for spreading the word. This is so disturbing!

    • Vanessa G

      I Am Mortifyed That Everyone Is SO Biased! Have You EVER Actually Played These Games??


  2. Joy

    Once again, I am shocked by the gaming community. What did the mothers of these men teach them about women? Was there ever a lesson on respect? Ever? Unbelievable. Our society is in crash and burn mode.

  3. Rachel H.

    Thank you for putting this article out. I’m actually doing a quick research about the effects of graphic violence in children and this is a perfect example of how our society has gone too far with games that are supposed to be enjoyable.

  4. Vanessa G

    Would You Rather These People Do These Things IN A GAME OR REAL LIFE?!?!

  5. one

    nice blog!! check my blog !!!http://red-light-7one.blogspot.com/ !!!

  6. Raymond

    The Japanese are crazy…


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